Cannot download app (Macbook Pro M)

Hi all, I am just checking out this option for myself. I can’t seem to download the app. I get the alert below.
Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 10.09.00 AM

Hey there, that’s a normal warning- it’s just letting you know that JACK was not installed. JACK used to be a dependency, but it isn’t anymore. You can use RtAudio and safely check “Don’t show this warning again”

Note that you can’t run your own server without JACK- you can only connect as a client.

I spent some time supporting ezevans over zoom, and he is good to go! Others who might be reading, please keep in mind that JackTrip and JACK are two separate apps. JACK is known as a “backend” that hands off audio to JackTrip, which takes the audio to and from the internet. Also, JackTrip devs are in the process of changing the way this information is given after installing JackTrip such that it does not interrupt or confuse the user.