AI Feature in Virtual Studio

Hello All:

This is a request for feedback on the AI feature that is on the left side panel of the Virtual Studio view (after joining an active studio.)

My own experience in the current version was limited by reduced functionality from the previous version. In the previous version I had a lot of fun just messing around with the loops. And I found the adaptive feature was most enjoyable where the loops changed based on my input.

So after joining a studio, please spend a few minutes exploring the AI feature and share your experience here.

And if you have any other examples or experience with using AI for music tracks please share that here as well.

Thanks in advance.

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I tested the following prompt:
“main stream jazz rhythm changes swing tune in AABA form in C major 140 bpm performed by drums and double bass and piano”
The result did not even remotely resemble what was requested. Some well known dedicated AI music platforms achieve much better matches.

I have no idea what this might be good for in JackTrip.

What I would love to have, however, would be an AI listening to my playing and, based on a prompt like the above, would be capable of creating an accompaniment that responds in real-time to my playing.

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Thank you Thomas. I appreciate you taking time to give it a go and share your experience, insights, and suggestions.

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