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This category is intended for discussions about JackTrip Core and other JackTrip open source projects.

JackTrip Core is an open source software application that enables the live performance of music over the Internet by dramatically reducing the audio latency common in other online collaborations solutions while preserving the original audio quality. It was developed at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) by Professor Chris Chafe and his team and has been in use worldwide since the early 2000’s. A large community of advocates and technical contributors continue to make improvements.

The jacktrip-users group on Google is available as an email list, and offers a searchable archive of discussions dating back to 2008. There is also a JackTrip User Community group available on Facebook. This forum serves as an alternative, for people who may not feel comfortable using Google or Facebook.

Please also see the JackTrip Help Website for additional resources about JackTrip open source software.

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