The Internet Ensemble Tech Force

In the Spring of 2020, Professor Chris Chafe held an online class titled “Introduction to JackTrip” (Music 153b). The coronavirus pandemic was in full swing, and this class aimed to help educate people about playing music online, and the technologies available that made it possible. You can view the original slideshow here, which contains a lot of great information.

The class evolved into a mailing list and regular online meetings during the Summer, which became known as the Internet Ensemble Tech Force (IETF). This served as my first introduction to the JackTrip technology and community. My son was a member of the Ragazzi Boys Chorus, and I was looking for ways they could continue to sing together throughout the pandemic.

The IETF page on CCRMA’s website still has a lot of great information and links about JackTrip.


a catalyst to be sure! nice reverb!