Workaround for Trouble after changing login email

  1. While logged into my account I changed my login email address and saved.
  2. Noticed OAuth email address did not change after saving #1 above.
  3. Changed the OAuth email and saved.
  4. Changing OAuth email failed, so I trashed it and input the new email manually, and saved.
  5. Could not log in with new email.
  6. Tried to log in with the old email (which the OAuth was holding onto).
  7. System wanted to make a new account with the old email and an new username, etc.
    How I resolved it:
  8. Instead, I scrolled down to “Sign Up”
  9. I “signed up” with the NEW email and the system brought me into my existing account with no problems.
  10. The new email was now OAuth as well.

Maybe this will help someone.

Huzzah! AMA!!