Can't change Profile Display Name

I’m trying to change the profile display name. Right now it just says “jacktrip” and I’d like to change it to my actual name. When I go to profile and click edit, I type in my name and click save–but I get “Error 1264: Out of range value for column ‘hubspot_contact_id’ at row 1” and it reverts the field to “jacktrip” again. Any ideas how to get around the error?

Confirming this appears to be a bug. We’ll try to get it fixed ASAP.

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Thanks for checking this @miked.

Welcome @CoreyH !! Yes, I’m here too, as one of the moderators on this forum. And I am very glad to see you here for troubleshooting or anything else you want to discuss. Cheers!

Been trying about once a week to try to change the display name, but still getting the error.