Two channel interface only one channel comes through

When my friend tried to send both a vocal and a guitar signal to my studio from a focus right Scarlet to channel interface, only one of the channels comes through on my end. He can hear his guitar on his end, but I cannot hear it on my end. In order to for this to work for us, I need to discreet threads of Audio. Suggestions?

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Welcome @stevenhmark and thanks for your inquiry.

Both of you will need to make the following selections:

  1. While in a session and in the Studio interface
  2. At the bottom right corner, tap “Devices”
  3. For the “Input Channels”
    a. Select 1 & 2
    b. Select “Stereo” under “Mono/Stereo”

That should give you 2 discrete channels. And remember you and your player(s) will need to make these selections.

Let us know if that worked for you!

Happy Jamming!

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Worked perfectly! Thanks for your quick and helpful response.

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You are very welcome @stevenhmark! I appreciate your follow up - it helps those who might have a similar question.