Setting up JackTrip on Raspberry Pi

Greetings everyone

Stumbled on JackTrip recently and trying to get it up and running, but having an issue on startup:

  • Downloaded and installed 2022-02-04-jacktrip-rpi4.img, no issues.
  • Regular “Raspian” style bootup, with info scrolling as usual, looks good, until…
  • Repeating error: “Failed to start dhcpcd on all interfaces”, followed by “See ‘systemctl status dhcpcd.service’ for details”.

Any ideas how to get past this? Wipe and re-image the SD card perhaps?

Thanking you in advance!

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Ok, so sometimes it does help to google, and it looks like dhcpcd is related to Ethernet connection, which I haven’t plugged in yet. Will try that for now…

Hahaaa, that was it! Boot sequence is continuing…

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It’s now stuck on “A start job is running for JackTrip-Init”…

Is it possibly waiting for input from somewhere else?

Looks like everything booted up fine, JackTrip app on phone recognized and registered device successfully. Yeah!

Went to, device appears and I manage to join a Virtual Studio.

Next question: How to I test if any audio is going out or coming in? Right now, I can’t hear anything… Any ideas?


If you are joined to a studio you can monitor your input (round trip to the studio) by turning up the self volume in the “Soundscapes” tab.

Here’s some additional info about how to use soundscapes to do some fun stuff with audio mixing:

Hi Richard,

I’m not sure where you are located, but I just started a public server that is playing a fast metronome “tish”. It will go for the next 30 minutes. Feel free to jump on.

Hello, I am new here, I already have a Raspberry Pi 4 and I was wondering how does it work with the digital version without buying the analog adaptor ? I have a Yamaha Genos keyboard I want to connect, the microphone I can connect to the keyboard, but I am struggling to find information on how I can use my existing audio interface and connect to the raspberry Pi, or how does it work ?

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Welcome Pietro!!

I shared some info on your other post in the “Looking for Musicians” section.

There is a lot of info on the following links: