Compatibility for Zoom H6

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I recently discovered JackTrip, while working on my Master’s Thesis about online music teaching, and what I’ve seen so far is amazing. Congrats for the great job!

I decided to try it out and, since I couldn’t find proper shipping to Spain, I decided to go for the Raspberry Pi version. It’s coming tomorrow, but the microSD is already flashed and waiting…

I usually use my Zoom H6 recorder for online lessons, since it’s very practical. Will it be compatible with the JackTrip Bridge for Raspberry Pi? I didn’t see it in the list of audio interfaces. Also, if I can help to include it in the list, please let me know.

Thanks for helping out!

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I have tried a couple of zoom recorders as digital interfaces, and they weren’t detected by the digital bridge. However, I think there may be a way to modify the jacktrip-agent code to make it work.

Alternatively you could hijack the headphone monitor to make an analog connection to an audio adapter like the hifiberry hat, sabrent or similar.

I would love it if the zoom recorders were more fully compatible with the digital bridge, because they are great convenient stereo (and beyond) mics

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Yes, I can relate, I loved my H4 when I first started out, but I got tired of trying to make it work with JackTrip! I hijacked the headphone monitor so much that I broke it! Anyway, I’m glad you wrote about this. Feel free to propose your code on the developer site GitHub - jacktrip/jacktrip: JackTrip: multi-machine audio network performance over the Internet.. I’m not sure what the protocol would be for that - take out an Issue? You might as well create a ticket over on

Thank you for taking time to write us! Hope to hear from you again soon.


Thanks a lot for your replies! I’m completely new in this tech/coding world, so I don’t really know how to send the info, if it can help for further updates. Any tips on how to gather data and send it to the development team?



I misunderstood and thought that you were offering to help code this up! Ok, so on the JackTrip Github site that I sent you, you can simply take out an “issue” that the Zoom H6 is not one of the accepted devices, and ask that it be added to the list of accepted devices. The development team will see it and respond. I don’t think you need to gather any data. Good luck!