Scheduling Virtual Studio sessions? (Feature request?)

Since the first Covid lockdown in the UK I’ve been running a weekly ‘virtual pub’ session for friends dotted around the country using Zoom’s ability to forward schedule repeating sessions. This has worked very well and I’ve found myself drinking alone only very rarely. These sessions can be started automatically in my absence in the event that I arrive late.

Now I can see how to schedule live broadcast notifications using JackTrip, but it appears these require the Virtual Studio session to be started manually by a studio admin.

It would be helpful to be able to do something similar to Zoom’s facility from the Virtual Studio app to allow regular daily or weekly sessions (e.g. lunchtimes) to be scheduled. It would be useful to schedule both time & a minimum duration to give people ample time to arrive & connect to the studio. The immediate aim is to work on a “tune of the day” for an hour or so, so a simple title should be included too as the day’s tune may not involve all (invited) members.

I guess I might be able to use LaunchAgent to achieve something similar, but this facility could be useful for other people too.


Hi Reb,

Studios will start automatically whenever the first person joins who is an admin. If you’d like to allow other people to start without you, the easiest would be to just make them an “Admin.”

Just click on “Manage Studio” under “Studio Settings”, then click on the “Participants” tab. Find the person you want to be able to start the studio, and flip the Admin toggle.

Also note that JackTrip’s studio invites are hyperlinks that anyone can use to start & join a studio at any time. These work the same as Zoom, Google Meets, etc. It’s quite common for people to paste these into calendar invites for one-off or recurring meetings. We do this for all of our internal meetings at JackTrip. Which app do you use to manage your calendar?

Take care,

Thanks Mike,

Yes - I’d already considered the ‘everyone is an admin’ route but I think this may hit difficulties related to billing, although it would work OK for free sessions.

I’m thinking about this as a ‘Virtual Classroom’ application where people can get started without ‘teacher’ being present - leaving the classroom unlocked - rather than the equivalent giving everyone a key to the room. The regular calendar / scheduling aspect could be handled easily outside JackTrip as you say. Perhaps finer grained permissions (e.g. can start this studio) is all that is required.

Thanks again for your help.

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Thanks for the feedback, @rebholland. Giving everyone the keys to the room is an apt metaphor. Perhaps we are getting to the point where finer grained permissions would be warranted.

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