Ragazzi Boys Chorus - Hybrid Rehearsal Setup(initial build)

Hi all, this is Justin Deanon, and I help represent Ragazzi and JackTrip in two differing fields of work and would like to share our current accomplishment with LIVE rehearsals on-site. However, this is not our current setup in Ragazzi(as that information has not yet been disclosed), but this was our first test build that was allowed by JackTrip(and that worked!) to help setup for Ragazzi when the idea was still in its ‘beta.’ Happy to share this, and hope this helps out for future ensembles to find some kind of variation! Person to complete initial design is Russell Peck, who is a Ragazzi alumni and helps us out at JackTrip as well. We’re glad to discuss details or design ideas you may have.

Genre/use case:

Is it for a garage band, church choir, music lessons, something else?
It is for in-person LIVE rehearsal with JackTrip users and those in the room.

Required gear:

Microphones, cables, stands, amps, and interfaces… oh my!

  • Ethernet Cable
  • Rasberry Pi AC adapter
  • 2 amps(Left Side/Right Side) , 2 cables to connect to the mixer for Stereo effect
  • Multichannel Mixer to funnel audio channels to JackTrip Analog Bridge
  • 2 mics(Left Side/Right Side) , 2 cables to connect to the mixer for Stereo effect

Depending on rehearsal venue, consider 30 minutes of setup/takedown before & after your rehearsal as the gear to get things going takes patience and a safe discipline when dealing with audio equipment. Turn any devices/speakers’ volume knobs to 0 before and after rehearsal to make sure the people in the room are not harmed by any accidental loud sounds. The most challenging part is making sure your wires are in their correct locations.

Pictures, please!

Are you going to provide an update on what your are doing now? I direct a children’s choir in the Washington, DC area. Have used JT throughout Beta and continuing now. We are planning our first in person rehearsal, some parents will bring their children, others want to sing from home. I have looked on the website, trying to find current information on the best way to set up to do this. Can’t find.


Hi Sondra,

My expert suggestion is to think of the onsite singers as one JackTrip connection that will connect with each of those singing from home.

You will likely need one or more person(s) to be dedicated to the setup, operation, and mixing.

  1. Set up one or more microphones for the onsite singers.
  2. If more than one microphone, connect those microphones to a mixer.
  3. Connect the output of the mixer, or microphone, to a JackTrip Bridge.
  4. Start a JackTrip Virtual Studio.
  5. Those singing from home would connect to the Virtual Studio as usual.
  6. Someone would need to be in charge of blending the live singers with those connecting from home.

I hope this helps you begin to think about how to set up and have a successful rehearsal between those onsite and those connecting from home.

Please feel free to ask more questions, or submit a request on help.jacktrip.org

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Hi Sandra!
As one of the folks who helped Ragazzi with the hybrid rehearsals, I feel like I can answer your question. Synthia gave a really good response as well!

Ragazzi stopped using the hybrid set-up when we went back in person fully in the Spring of 2022.

The way we did it was pretty much just a scaled-up version of what this post describes. The main difference was bigger speakers, a bigger mixer, and a couple more microphones. I ran the audio side of things, mainly just standing behind the mixer and trying to balance the people in-person and the people virtual. The main difficulty was making sure we didn’t have a feedback loop, which is pretty easy to avoid depending on where you pointed the microphones and other things like that.

If you’d like to talk “in-person” (online video call) please swing by the weekend support team during office hours. I host them from 1-3 pm most Saturdays and Sundays. I’d be happy to chat with you about how it worked then!

Hope this helps,
Russ P