A 'Jacktrip pod' tested configuration

We are expanding our band of Jacktrip singers by having multiple singers sharing a Jacktrip bridge, using headphone amplifier and mixer. Here is a description of what we tried and what we liked best: Report on Jacktrip Pod implementation and results - Google Docs .

Thanks to Jacktrip Foundation for helping us via a grant!

Thanks so much for providing this recipe for others! Definitely talk to Russell Peck and Justin Deanon about their experience mic-ing up the sanctuary and rehearsal room for Ragazzi. Last I heard, they decided on a regular arrangement and the sound is quite good.

yes, thanks much for sharing - and Andrew, for those of us unfamiliar,
would you explain what you mean by a “regular arrangement”.


Ah, I just mean that they’ve been using the same hybrid arrangement now at multiple rehearsals

Here’s some more info about their initial setup Ragazzi Boys Chorus - Hybrid Rehearsal Setup(initial build)

I think they made a recording of a small clip of rehearsal, it sounds pretty natural with virtual and in person participants. I’ll see if Russ can post that for us to have an example