Pricing Structure

Been with Jacktrip since the begining of the pandemic and I really appreciate what they have done and their excellent support team! However, I am a bit disappointed in the new fee structure. I’m not agaist paying to support the platform. However, I’m surprised that the owner of the studio has to pay for all the musicians’ time for any given session, rather than each musician paying for their own time. The current fee structure doesn’t encourage me to allow anyone into my studio unless I know them well, and seems to discourage random collaboration. Just sayin… - Steve

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My friends and I worked it out so that we each pitched in $25…that would cover as many months as people who pitched in. We ended up getting 8 people in so it worked out to $25 for 8 months. We figured we could invite new friends in and they could try it a couple of times for free, but if they wanted to join our weekly sessions they could also buy-in. Maybe try the free jam-session (5 or less folks) to try with new people? I do wish there were smaller increments, maybe $25 to $35 to $50 to $65, etc. I’d hate to have to go from $25-$50 then to $100…oh, and maybe be able to buy some extra minutes if needed on the fly. Or bank our leftover minutes :). Growing pains. Still awesome.

Hey Steve, thanks for writing in. The platform should definitely be encouraging people to spontaneously connect without having one person foot the bill. I wanted to highlight that if you’re cool with other people listening in on your jam, you can broadcast for free on JackTrip Radio as of the latest release

Here’s the Radio announcement: Introducing JackTrip Radio

Even better than splitting the bill equally would be no bill at all :slight_smile:

Hope this works for you! Happy Jamming!

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Hey Andrew! Great to hear from you. I’m sorry I went MIA for a while. I had to address some health matters with my parents the last few months of 2021 and am just getting back into the swing of “Jacktripping.” I hope I didn’t sound like I was complaining. You folks have done an amazing job uniting musicians throughout the pandemic and I want to support your efforts anyway possible and have no issues signing up for a payment plan. I was just suggesting as a user it seems more equitable if everyone was operating off of their own individual meters so to speak rather than having the studio account flip the bill for all participants. I do think this approach would also build a stronger Jacktrip community and encourage more collaboration with unfamiliar musicians. BTW, I would still like to gather my notes and do a series of post regarding my experience with various interfaces. Hopefully, this information will help others when they are selecting their own interface. Andrew, hope all is well on your end. - Steve

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No worries, I think it’s totally fair to call out!

We’re hoping that the spontaneous jamming will go along with spontaneous listening in to live music in a way that will benefit everyone and get people playing together more often.

Hope all is well with you and yours, as well. Stay safe out there