Northern California

YES!! I am anxious to work with others. Proficient with electric mesh head drums, keyboard and bass. Currently have five piece group meeting weekly, but will lose a principal in a few weeks due to a move to Cabo. Happy to include others at medium skill level and up.


Good to hear this is working for you! I am based in Northern California and have similar connectivity with LA

I split my time between San Francisco and Kentucky, as well. Have you been able to find additional people to play with… Either through JackTrip or otherwise?

Hi Bill,
I am also an electronic drums player (V drums). I have the virtual studio box and I luckily have a good fiber gigabit Internet set up, which allows me to get a great lag time all the way to Chicago (from Kentucky)… 18 ms. I also have a great reach cell to Nashville… And possibly Atlanta.

So, I am looking for people to play with as well… Where are you located? Hopefully someone will respond who is within 500 miles of Lexington Kentucky. I am looking to work up songs… Not particularly Jam…


Hope you were able to connect with some local players. Happy holidays!!

Hi Bill… No, there have been no contacts through this portal from people looking to play together. I have also done a bit of a search on the West Coast, New York area, etc. and there seem to be no users looking to play with other musicians.

Sorry about that europerry, it’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem for us.

I’m curious, if there was a calendar of events for the Northern California area, would you open up slots for others to join you?

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