North italy experimental ethno ambient music

Anyone available in north of italy for experimental ethno ambient music improvisations? (like dhafer youssef… eivind aarset… nils petter molvaer… david sylvian… tibbetts… etc etc…)

Here… a drummer with a big drums percussions and tablas :slight_smile:

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Please keep in mind that non-beat based musical improvisation is very forgiving of latency. So I encourage you to widen your invitation to include just about anywhere.

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Of course you are a drummer who is beat-based, so I should say, improvised, ambient and experimental music can be " non-metered", meaning that being in sync is more relaxed. In an improvised jam with a lot of latency, drummers could still play to a meter and others could play around it depending on what they hear as it arrives. Try it - it’s fun to just let go and let it flow.

I can say I feel “expert” with about 450 hours of live online recordings (using sonobus in the past). It is necessary that depending on the lineup some instruments can have the best possible sync… 1/64 delay would be fine…

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…at least it’s not pure “ambient or psychedelic” music like “steve roach” or “robert rich” :slight_smile:

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oops - I noticed that my login was different and wrote something silly to myself. back to the thread.

seems like a spark here so what do you think about curating something among our members here? like posting a specific day and time to congregate? maybe livestream.

let’s use universal time UTC - it is the same time as GMT.

I’m in -7 UTC. It is almost 9pm UTC. So we’re behind 7 hours.
My availability is weekends only.
I play synths vocals and as I write, yet another rainshower here in SoCal, words.

starting to draft an “open call” post…

we can just play and forget about the latency for a dang minute right?
that’s what I want to know. Your 450 hours is not getting any younger!
Sonobus is brilliant. Very smoove.