Looking for others to run jazz standards with - East USA

I’m an intermediate guitar player playing in a couple of small combos and a big band. The combos play mostly Real Book and other lead sheet tunes. The Big Band plays fully scored swing charts and similar stuff. I’m looking for others, any instrument, to run through jazz standards, practice improv, etc. Ideally, I’d like to set up a once-a-week session. I’m in Vermont. Thanks!

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Ohio-based trombonist. May be too far, but worth trying. Not particularly skilled at improv, but willing to give it a go. once/week sounds good, and I’m happy to go half-zies on the minutes. Let me know. Today is my first day on jacktrip.

Hi Ricardo

Yes, might be worth a try. I’ve used JT for a year or so. Have you used it before?
Maybe we could have a go this weekend? Saturday afternoon?



Saturday afternoon sounds great. Let’s shoot for 2 o’clock eastern. I’m in Ohio, so we may be too far away, latency-wise.

This will be my first go on Jacktrip.

Thanks for reaching out.


OK, I think that will work. I’ll come back to you if not - I might need to go slightly later.
I’ve found it works best to have a video conference running while you set up so you can iron out difficulties together before you get on JT.
I can send an invite to you. What email should I use for the video conference?
And what is your JT user name so I can invite you to my studio?


I’m fine with later, too. NP.

Apparently, the latest version of Jack trip includes video, but I’m fine to use zoom just to iron out any JT issues. Plus, not using video through jacktrip might actually help with latency.

My email is riccardo@ruotolo.org. I think that’s also my JackTrip username, but I’ll double check before Saturday.

Thanks for your willingness to try this. I’m 99% a classical player although I’m an avid jazz listener, and would very much like to get better at improv. Any Jazz theory you can impart, would be much appreciated.