JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 2/8/2024

What’s New?

  • High Latency Indicators
  • Join and Leave Sounds
  • Browser Audio Device Drawer

High Latency Indicators

Participant video tiles now feature a high latency indicator to better assist in troubleshooting connectivity problems. Located in the top-left corner, this will be highlighted in red when a particular user might be experiencing a suboptimal connection. This could be the result of using WiFi, poor Internet connection, distance to studio location or audio interface settings.


Join and Leave Sounds

One quality-of-life update is Virtual Studios now play a small tune whenever a participant joins or leaves the studio! These tones do not get captured in any recordings or broadcasts you make.

Browser Audio Device Drawer

When you join a Virtual Studio via the web browser as opposed to the desktop app, you will now see the audio device drawer. You can use this area to change connected audio input/output devices and adjust your levels. You can dismiss this by clicking the “X” and re-open this drawer by clicking the “three-dots” button next to the “Audio” button.