JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 10/27/2023

What’s New?

  • YouTube and Facebook Streaming

YouTube and Facebook Streaming

Share your JackTrip broadcast across other platforms! We’ve recently added support for simulcasting your stream to both YouTube and Facebook.

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Simply bring your own stream key from those various platforms and once you go live, you can share your music to more audiences and channels.

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A quick video showing getting a Stream Key from Facebook would be great. I’ve got a lot to learn yet😎


Here is a video I found on YouTube about Facebook stream keys: https://youtu.be/oqIxpsOPZ5U?si=dlJ5ClzKhUxlncMH

And some docs from Facebook: How to go live on Facebook with streaming software | Meta Business Help Center


For YouTube, here is a video on finding stream key: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcLSOHzeis8

And docs for YouTube: Live stream on YouTube - YouTube Help

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Thanks Mike, that helped answer some of the questions I had. Did manage to stat it last night, but the FB AI took umbrage at our performing to karaoke and took down the post. I didn’t want to stop the JackTrip Radio feed at that point.

One thing that someone suggested after was to have the ability to stop and start a new FB live feed for each performer with each new song, as not all performances trigger takedowns.

I couldn’t discover a way to initialize a new simulcast once the JackTrip Radio feed was live. Something like this, the ability to start / restart simulcasts without taking down the JackTrip feed would be ideal. This ability would almost be an absolute for “live” performances especially in instances where failure of the simulcast would require a re-establishment of the simulcast without necessitating a takedown/restart of the JackTrip Studio Session / JackTrip Radio Broadcast.

If this restart feature is already in place, I totally missed it.

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Congrats John! Sorry to hear that FB cut it off. As you mentioned this was karaoke, it was probably due to using “Pre-recorded” backup tracks.

Check the link below and you could also do research for more info:


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Synthia, thank you for that info. It appears that the “trigger” in our case happened to the case of too many over the period of time. Thus further increasing the need for the ability to stop and start “new” simulcasts while not having to stop and restart the JackTrip Radio Broadcast.

Right now, I think I’ll just stick with the full capability on JackTrip radio as my main goal in broadcasting our weekly karaoke show - Karaoke with Friends - from duHPub is to provide for those that want to tune in but can’t be with us … or friends of the performers … or those performing … to be able to either watch live or see after the fact. Once again thank you for the link.

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Very interesting. I see that you will probably just use JackTrip Radio without FB Live for now.

Maybe this question goes beyond this Forum, but I am wondering, when you said, “too many over the period of time”, did you mean too many performances or too many different songs? Because when I was looking at the FB Live “rules”, I saw that FB Lives can go for 8 hours straight.

My understanding is that what can trigger a shutdown is copyrighted music. There is some music that FB allows, and they have a list to choose from. Perhaps that is a clue as to why some performances were cut and others were not.

Apparently, brief snippets of copyrighted music are not long enough to be detected, but the longer durations give the AI more time to detect whether or not the song is allowed. Another clue as to why some were cut and others were not.

I would like to understand more about what happened because it seems like if all the songs were from FB’s approved list, the Live would not have been cut off.

Of course, I will do further research on this and just wanted a bit more feedback from you as well.

thank you for sharing!

I would be happy to research this with you. I could understand it if it was a performance for profit or for “public” perusal. My reference was too many copyrighted songs in a given time period.

I thought I was publishing just to my own page but from the little bit of digging I was able to do it looks like the broadcast went public on Facebook.

What I find interesting, and I plan on reaching out to them to dig further, are the karaoke based groups such as Quarantine Karaoke don’t seem to be affected by such issues … or at least it does not seem to be an issue in the forefront for them.

Just for reference the song that triggered the block and subsequent takedown was “If You’re Going Through Hell” as performed by Rodney Atkins that started at approx 35 minutes in. The AI kicked in about a minute into the performance by Sean and the block of the simulcast was immediate. Strange part of all this is that 60 to 70 % of the karaoke backing tracks are not using the “original” music but are recreations using software like Band in a Box.

I am reaching out tomorrow to the large karaoke groups and individuals that put on several hour performances and see what kind if responses I get. I am also going to try a couple of different tests this week.

I also will be researching the “allowed” list :sunglasses:

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