How can I apply sound effects to my recordings?

I’ve been trying Jacktrip for a while.
The thing is I tried to record, and it worked, but the effects that I have on the studio options (noise gate, reverb etc… ) doesn’t seem to be recorded.

Is there any option to fix this? I don’t know if it’s a common issue.

Thank you!!

Recording on JackTrip should always apply the same Soundscapes effects to the master mix that are in use while you are recording. When playing back a recording, it uses the recording (with original effects), bypassing any of the effects in place at the time of playback. In other words, it wouldn’t add reverb on top of a recording you made that already had reverb. Or if you made a recording without reverb, but then play it back with reverb in your studio, it will not have reverb.

All stem recordings will be the raw source audio, before any effects are applied. So if you’re playing back a specific stem, it will always play back with no effects. The same is true if you select multiple stems for playback – it will mix them together but without any effects. You need to select the master mix for playback to get the original effects in place at the time of recording.


Welcome @yuffie! Let us know if Mike’s explanation helped and feel free to ask more questions.

Thank you very much for your answer!
I was testing with all the recommendations and it worked. I’m not sure at what point, but when I record now, the effects are applied.

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