Group room for drum students

I’m a drum instructor and have an online lesson series that includes a weekly virtual session group for all my my students to participate in together. There will be a mix of talking and playing, not necessarily always having to be in sync. Does my membership allow them to also play and be heard by the group? or will they need to buy a plan too?

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Welcome @roger.schnur ! I’m delighted to hear about your weekly sessions for your students. Anyone can connect to your studio without a paid plan, but they do need an account. They will be able to hear and be heard (with proper settings). It can be an account without a paid plan attached. Only the paid plan of a studio’s owner is charged for the time the studio is running.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and consider broadcasting your sessions to the website. I’m excited for this! All the best.

Thanks for the quick reply. These will actually be private sessions. Is there an option so only my students can participate and replay at a later time?

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Yes, before you begin recording, select “unlisted”, then only those you share a link with will have access to the recording.

and as for the participants, there is an “invite” button near the top of
the studio with a link that you can send to participants. Once invited,
they will be subscribed to that studio, unless you remove them. You can
also add or remove participants directly in the studio interface.