Yamaha AG03/06 - Great mixer for analog or digital bridge

Happy to report that the Yamaha AG03/AG06 digital mixer line works very well plug-and-play with the digital bridge (I used the AG06, but the AG03 seems really similar). Here’s a picture:

Very easy to get lots of noise making devices connected in a friendly formats. I really liked the labeling on the controls that help you understand what all the input channels can be used for. They support line level aux inputs easily without adapters and a full mixing interface for your connected devices. Only one mic preamp, but that was enough for my needs. Definitely set the “To PC” setting to “Input Mix” so you can mix the different channels together with the Level knobs at the bottom.

You could totally use it as input for the analog bridge as well by connecting the headphone monitor or main outs to the 1/8" input on the bridge.

For JackTrip specifically, it supports lower buffer sizes than you will see on other devices. I was actually able to go down to 16sample buffer, which is the lowest the Virtual Studio supports. My internet struggled a bit at that low buffer size, but the device handled it like a champ.

I tried the default effects and they were a bit cheesy, but you can modify them via software on your computer. I haven’t tried that yet.

All in all, very happy with my new digital bridge setup- easy breezy

The AG03 is $160
The AG06 is $210

Links to product:


I’m using an Alesis Multimix8 with USB works fine


If you feel like writing up a little bit about it similar to the above, I’d sure love to read it :grin:

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