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I’ve received a number of requests from JackTrippers for a way to schedule sessions that other members can join. I see that there is a discourse Calendar plugin that could work, maybe in conjunction with the Events plugin that allows RSVPs, etc.

A member could simply post an event on the Calendar and say that it is open to all, or ask for a specific type of player. They could ask for RSVPs, or leave it to chance. They also could specify that the session is an “audition” for drummers, and go from there.

Also I am wondering if such a tool should be here, or on

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and seems like a good time to implement it, and I would be happy to admin.

Following are some links to Discourse discussion about the Calendar plugin, Events plugin, and a use case (CoTech, Food Shift).

Official Discourse discussion:

Continued Discourse discussion (Fedora Project)

Discourse Events Plugin:

Use Case: CoTech:

Use Case: Food Shift -

Hey Synthia I LOVE this idea! We’ve also been thinking about how to put people together for sessions, but haven’t had much success so far

Would be an awesome addition to the app but maybe we can spin something up on Discourse much faster. I know there are people who really want this!

I’ll start looking into these calendar plugins. Is there one that you think might work best?


This events plugin looks perfect: 🗓 Discourse Event - plugin - Discourse Meta

Flow would be like this:

  1. post topic to “Looking for Musicians” category with event details including time and date
  2. events plugin puts this topic onto the calendar
  3. Musicians looking for jam sessions can browse the calendar to find topics and sign up

Would that work? We’d have to figure out how to install it but that should be relatively straightforward

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Good job finding that plugin! Seems like it would work!
Did you see that plugin installation guide?


there are some instructions in that same events page:

plus more: Install Plugins in Discourse - admins - Discourse Meta

Looks like it’s up and running- check out the “Upcoming Events” page through the hamburger menu in the top right, or at this link JackTrip Community Forums


nice! It works! Thanks!

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Very cool! Some guidelines might be useful, like when posting an event, pay close attention to details like location and distance, instrumentation, and preparation. Maybe post an announcement for people try it out and see if it sticks. Exciting! Thanks again.

Definitely. Not exactly sure what’s most useful yet/still learning how to use it myself. One cool first event to post on there is the New Year’s Eve sing-along - just emailed Bonnie about posting that on here

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I’m wondering whether separate calendars for different geographical regions would be more useful? We could make one calendar for each (not exactly sure how many regions makes sense, but something like “US NW” could serve northern California → Washington area, for example).

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That’s a great idea! But I think it’s important to include those who are not concerned with latency and distance for playing non-metered genres. Yes?

It’s tough because some are very latency sensitive while others really just want to connect with other musicians. Tough nut to crack

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How about a calendar for “Higher Latency Sessions” for distances of more than 500 miles between connection points? This would be for those interested in playing in freeform where latency could play a creative role!

And I get what you are saying, Andrew, about some people just wanting to connect with musicians, and even just chat about playing more than actually playing.