Posting Events on this Forum

Would you like to post an event or open call on this Forum for JackTrippers to join a jam or tune in to your jam?

It’s a bit tricky to post events so please see below for the steps to follow:

  1. Create a topic
  2. Give it a title
  3. Choose a Category
  4. Find the row of small icons in the content window
  5. Tap the ‘gear’ icon at the end of the row and choose “Create Event”
  6. Fill out the information in the form
  7. Post the event

To view the Upcoming Events Calendar, go to the top right of the screen, tap the 3-horizontal lines and choose “Upcoming Events”.


P.S. Please ask any questions here.


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Thank you @Synthia, for bringing this up.
I wonder how joining a jam would work practically.
I could imagine organizing a jam on, let’s say, the server in Paris. Locations of residence in reasonable distance would range form the South of England and Wales, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland and part of Germany. Some people, who might be interested, I know already but all the other potentially interested European JackTrip users are unknown to me and my Paris Studio, which means unable to join the jam session unless they identify themselves ahead of time and get an invitation.
Or could they possibly just copy the invitation link in the post announcing the event?

I suppose such an event would be broadcasted (to the JT community, YT, FB). This prospect can act as a strong deterrent for those who fear for they reputation. That means if would be preferable not to broadcast if this is possible for an event.

I would love if those who could be interested in such a jam with RealBook jazz standards would react to this post.
Please, simply drop a line saying “I am interested” not just a like, which can mean anything.

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Hi again Thomas! I am grateful for your engagement and questions.

Yes, they can copy the invitation link, or you can send it to them.

You can also use the “user to invite” field at the bottom of the server page, and enter their email address. This will automatically subscribe them to your server. You can remove them or they can remove themselves after the session.

All of your session details, broadcasting plans, and preferences can be expressed in the event post. One idea is that people could “sign up” by sending you a private message, and then you could add them to the server.

I will be posting an event in the next few days for a session later this month. It will be an experiment and learning experience.

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Hi Synthia,
I am organizing a jam session on the server in Paris on 24 may 2024 where I invite members of the Learn Jazz Standards platform who have expressed interest.

So far I have 12 names including myself but I do not expect everybody to be able to attend. My attendance limit of 10 persons simultaneously is unlikely to be a real constraint.

I look forward to an interesting experience.

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Hi Thomas - I want to clarify your question about copying the invitation link in the post to join the server for the event.

If you copy the Invitation link from the app and then paste it into the event posting they should be able to copy it or click it to join.

However, it seems like you are screening people first rather than letting anyone who sees the event post to click the invitation to join.

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Yes @Synthia, I had to strike a balance.
I have advertised the event hoping that this might trigger reactions by potentially interested people and I think in particular of something we do not have in the primary target group: jazz drummers not too far from Paris.
On the other hand, my idea is to provide a safe environment for likeminded people who, like me, are all students of Learn Jazz Standards run by Brent Vaartstra in NYC. Opening the event to whomever has the link would be counter productive.
Likewise, for the moment, I rule out broadcasting, unless participants tell me they are comfortable with that.
The screening as you call it, is a prerequisite for a pleasant experience. If everybody can access without a minimal guarantee that his setup works properly and that there is at least some chance that he might blend in musically, it is likely to be rather unpleasant for everybody else. This is something we want to avoid, whatever it takes.

I wish that people love it and want more. I suppose it is the same for JackTrip.

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Coming back to the jam session event on the Paris server on 24 May 2024.
This is about an online gathering of students of an online course called Learn Jazz Standards. The tunes have already been studied but not performed in an ensemble setting.

The reason for advertising this is that this could be of interest to other jazz musicians who are located not too far from Paris. In particular interest by jazz drummers would be much appreciated.
If you are interested simply drop me a line and we arrange for a test session.

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