Metronome and Backingtracks are distorted

Hi, started today. Everything is ok. But- see above. Any advice? Thanks a lot!

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Welcome @wolfgangwolf ! Glad you’re here and asking questions. Could you give more info like what else was running? What is your audio setup?

o/w suggest shut down, unplug everything from the computer, disconnect the ethernet, reboot the modem take a breath and restart. Not necessarily in that order. If you did that then how about an audio sample and some screenshots?

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Hi Synthia, thanks a lot.

Had nothing else running. The signals from side of the instruments are clean and in good quality. The connection is rated as “good”.

Dell Inspiron (WIN 11)
Fast Internet-Connection Telekom. (Not a Glassfibre)
Motu Microbook IIc
AKG Headphone
Roland Drums

I tried your advice, but it didn’t change anything.

Many thanks in advance for your efforts, best regards, Wolfgang.


Thanks for the audio. Is the output of that Motu what you have selected in the Jacktrip audio settings?

@miked what do you think?

Also check that the Motu sample rate is running at 48k. And that its buffer or block size matches the server you are connected to.

I have no idea what could cause that. I’ll send a private message to schedule a troubleshooting session.

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Hi Mike, thanks, I’ll be in touch. However, I won’t be able to until next week as I’ll be traveling for a few days. Is that ok? Regards, Wolfgang.

Motu Output is the one selected in JackTrip.
Server Buffer 128 (2.7ms) Sample Rate 48,000
Motu Buffer 2ms (next adjustable step 4ms) Sample Rate 48,000

Yes, I’ll be around next week. Just sent me a private message with available times after you are back.

I would check the Windows Advanced Sound Control Panel to make sure that it is picking up the sample rate from the Motu. You will need to check input (recording tab) and output (playback tab). Select the device then properties, then advanced, and look in the Default Format box. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up external device settings.

Do you have the latest driver for the Motu installed? Still should check and make sure Windows is picking up the Motu settings.

While you’re at it have you updated the Windows OS?

If you update drivers be sure to unplug and reboot the Motu.

Do you have a DAW running like logic or any fx?

No DAW and no fx running. Everything else is up to date and checked. Thanks.
Have a good day, Wolfgang.

Post Script:
Ich werde mich später mit Mike online treffen.

Es scheint so, dass das Interface die Ursache ist. Nächste Woche werde ich deshalb den MOTU Kundendienst kontaktieren. Sobald ich eine Antwort habe, melde ich mich wieder.
Frohe Ostern,

It seems that the driver for the MOTU Microbook IIc is too slow and is the cause of my problem. I will buy another interface and hope that everything will work then. Thanks again for your efforts. Best regards and all the best, Wolfgang.

Thanks for the update @wolfgangwolf . I have looked at the specs for the MOTU Microbook llc, and it seems like it should work for use on JackTrip! However, when I was using a MOTU 828 interface, there were always issues with the drivers, so I can understand having trouble.

Please let us know which one you decide to get. There are a lot to choose from. If you have questions, feel free to post here on the Forum.

Thank you.
I have ordered a “Universal Audio Volt 476” and hope that everything will work with this interface :slightly_smiling_face:
I will report back.
Best regards,

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Please keep in mind that the Volt 476 will have a dedicated USB ASIO driver to install, and it should just work on a Windows computer. The MOTU probably had one too but it didn’t communicate well with JackTrip.

The Volt will be “in charge” of sending and receiving audio to and from the JackTrip app running on the computer.

what are the specs on the computer where JackTrip is installed?
and which version of Windows?

it is a good idea to update the Windows operating system, and close other non-essential apps when running JackTrip.

excited to hear back from you!

Everything works with the UA Volt 476. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help.
The computer:
Core i5-1035G1 (6MB Cache, up to3,6 GHz)
8GB, 1x8 GB, DDR 4, 2.666MHz
512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Windows 11 up to date

I use the computer exclusively for online music.

All the best,


HUZZAH! Kudos @wolfgangwolf!
Now let’s hear something?

That’s right, it’s about the music.