JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 20211001

  • JackTrip Virtual Studio region expansion: We now offer 5 additional locations within the United States: Dallas, TX; Kansas City, MO; Philadelphia, PA; Denver, CO; and Minneapolis, MN.

    • Small and medium size studios are available in Dallas, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Denver
    • Medium size studios are available in Minneapolis
  • Simplified studio subscription flow: Now you can subscribe to any studio you can access without waiting for a studio admin to accept. This extra step was just making it harder to get connected, so we removed it. Additionally, if you are invited directly by a studio admin, you’ll be automatically subscribed without additional steps.

  • Minor Fixes

    • In the “Audio” tab of a studio, switching between branches that don’t have the same available mixer code will now show the “Advanced” view.
    • Some minor visual updates around subscriptions

Happy JackTripping :slight_smile: