JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 20210519

  • Enabled server admins to define a minimum and maximum capture volume for connected devices.

  • The device port selector now lists 100 different port numbers. This is for medium & large groups planning to use virtual studio devices for hybrid rehearsals involving distanced but in-person musicians, in conjuction with remote musicians.

  • Fixed issues involving devices showing “Connecting” even though they had already connected to a server

  • Clicking the “sign up” and “login” buttons on the home page will now always force someone to re-authenticate, rather than automatically signing them in

  • Replaced the server status of “Disabled” to “Inactive” (only as shown in the UI). This is also more consistent with the filter toggles at the top of the page (“Show Inactive”).

  • Updated server icon to show a globe with “Public” text when a server is public

  • Added “You have unsaved changes” text to server mixing settings, where changes have been made which haven’t been saved yet

  • Changed “Rate” label to “Sample Rate”

  • Changed “Samples” label to “Buffer Size”

  • Changed “Queue” label to “Net Queue”

  • Changed “Size” label to “Room Size”

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