JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 20210524

  • Search input boxes added throughout the interface to help find servers, devices and subscriptions

  • Updated device message to display “Not connected” when no ping for greater than 10 seconds

  • Added tabs to improve navigation for audio servers: Settings, Audio, Devices and Subscriptions

  • Added new devices tab which displays all devices connected to a server, and allows admins to disconnect and manage input volume levels for each device

  • Replaced rename server button with an edit button that also allows you to change the host and port for unmanaged servers

  • Replaced link to server/device buttons with “focus on” server/device buttons. The functionality is largely the same except that the interface for “focusing” on a specific server is now consistent with the server cards view

  • Removed disconnect button from server subscribers interface (use the new server devices interface instead)

  • The device card now displays a link to a server, when it is connected

  • Fixed bug where server subscribers may be displayed in the list after being removed