JackTrip Bridge Update 20210920

This update includes the following bug fixes for JackTrip Analog and Digital bridge devices:

  • Bluetooth beacons (used for registration) were not reliably being broadcast on device startup.
  • Previously, digital bridge devices required that a usb audio interface was connected before power. If you connected power before a usb interface, the device would need to be powered off before it came online. The device will now wait for a usb audio interface to be connected, and come online without requiring a power cycle.
  • The LED lights located next to the SD cards can now be used to provide status: (1) solid red & no green means it is starting up and trying to connect to ethernet. If it is stuck in that state, it means the device is unable to acquire a network address; (2) solid red and green looping on for 5 seconds, then off for 5 seconds means that you have a digital bridge and forgot to plug in the usb audio interface; (3) solid red and green means that startup completed successfully.

The solid red and green LED lights should now be used as a more reliable indication that the device is ready for use, in favor of previous advice to look for a red light on the top of the case. However, it’s still possible to get a solid red and green light despite the device being unable to reach the Internet. This state is now more clearly shown at the bottom of the device cards in the web interface.

You can update existing devices by unplugging power, waiting a few seconds, plugging power back in, and waiting for up to 5 minutes for the update to apply. Do not unplug power again for at least 5 minutes; otherwise you risk corrupting your device’s SD card.

Alternatively, you can use this image to burn a fresh SD card. See this documentation for more information.

Did you know that all software on our bridge devices is open source? Feel free to contribute by sending a pull request.