Free public studios - now always open

It’s not always convenient to start up a new studio, especially if you’d like to just quickly test something. Or maybe you’d like to meet new people in your area to jam with.

As an experiment, we’ve added 10 new public studios that anyone can join, which will always be running. We plan to enable broadcasting soon so that anyone can listen in on JackTrip Radio. Think of these like a public stage in your local park, where all are welcome. Up to 20 musicians can join at time.

To help people with getting started and testing, we’ve set “Self Volume” to 100. So you should be able to hear yourself the same as others hear you.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think, or if you would like us to add any additional locations.


Thanbks … I needed that!


Thank you for another terrific addition people are excited about!

I’d appreciate very much to have one in Taiwan server.

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@thomaslin1962 Done: JackTrip Public - Taiwan

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Thank you so much! I and my JTVS friends will certainly make good use of it !


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It would be great to have a studio in Scotland, UK- either Edinburgh or Glasgow. London is a bit too far away! :grinning:

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Welcome Ben!

Thanks for your suggestion. Let’s see what the team comes up with.


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Hey Ben, unfortunately we only have access to London or Dublin, since that’s what AWS offers- have you tried the London server? I’d be interested to know what the latency is, since it’s about 350 or so miles from Edinburgh/Glasgow to London.

For reference, I regularly connect from Portland to SF, which is a little over 500 miles, and it works great. (provided I’m on Fiber internet)
Let us know if you have a chance to try it out.

Thanks Andrew! I will keep using the London server for now and hope we can eventually get something more local here in Scotland.

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We’ve decided to discontinue these public studios, primarily out of concerns that they were leading to poor first time user experiences. If you’ve used them in the past, please send me a message letting me know if and how you found them to be helpful.

Understandable. Thanks for giving it a go. Although I do like having an open server where people can connect and hear something playing on the server and themselves. It’s reassuring to know that one is connecting successfully and being heard. Ideally it would be with another person to provide that confirmation but people start out on their own and want to feel confident before connecting with others.

Hopefully the addition of Volume meters on the studio and on JackTrip itself will be a huge step forward towards answering “is it working??”
1.6.4 has them on the input and output, and the studio shows the levels of the full mix. I personally find them a huge help in checking my levels (and my sanity)