Bridge Auto-Updating?

Hi Everyone,

The JackTrip Bridge should update automatically when you plug it all in. However, I recently had an experience where my Bridge would not update. In order to fix it, I removed the microSD card from the slot on the bottom of the Bridge and re-flashed it with the JackTrip disc image (file system). With a fresh flash of the operating system onto the microSD card, the Bridge resumed its normal auto-update capability.

In order for the microSD card to be in communication with the JackTrip disc image, or file system clone, I used a USB microSD card reader, and my laptop. On my laptop, I saved the JackTrip image (link below) to flash, and I installed the Balena Etcher flashing software. It was super easy and worked like a charm!

Below are links to a USB microSD card reader, microSD cards, and some detailed instructions.

Detailed Instructions:


Virtual Studio Image for Raspberry Pi

JackTrip Foundation publishes disk images that enable you to fully manage Raspberry Pi based audio devices using the Virtual Studio web application. This will enable anyone to build JackTrip-powere…

USB microSD card reader

If the card is damaged you might need a new blank microSD card (these are 32GB, need at least 2GB):