Audio sync multiple send to one receiver

hi.i have two musicians which are playing in two different cities. they can sync their metronome with clocks. they don’t necessarily need to hear each other. i would like to use jacktrip to get their audio performance and send it to another (simply recieving) computer. this computer will then get both audio signals and send it live streaming. so i have no sync problems between musitians. my problem is the difference in time it takes to get from musitian A to receiving PC and from musitian B to receiving PC. there is little chance these two latencies will be equal.
basically i am asking if there is a way to sync audio of two sources using jacktrip.

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Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for your inquiry. Admittedly, I am struggling to understand what you want to do because syncing the audio between distributed locations is what JackTrip is designed to do! The amount of latency depends on a number of details but mainly the distance between the locations connected in the session.

Assuming the other two musicians are using JackTrip too, if you want to livestream the audio from those two connections, you would be a third connection in the session, and send the incoming audio from the two musicians to the streaming platform. To get the audio from a JackTrip session to a streaming platform, you would need to use something like Blackhole or Loopback for MAC, or Reaper for Windows, combined with OBS to send the JackTrip audio to a streaming platform.

Does that help at all? I am not sure this answers your question, so let’s discuss.


You can give a larger queue buffer to the fastest guy to slow him down a bit.