Newsletter sign up link

This is a screenshot with a link to sign up for the Newsletter on If people want to have the Newsletter delivered to their email, just click and you’ll be directed to the website to sign up on the form. There is now a Newsletter Archive category here in the Forum. Thanks Andrew for making this happen!

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There is now a category here on the Forum for the Newsletters - yay!. Thanks Andrew!
Maybe we can also post the Newsletter signup form here somewhere?

I’m not sure how to close this topic but I think it is pretty much solved. Please bear with me - I’m still clunking around the settings.

I think the best thing to do is to link to the page with the signup, which you’ve done ( I think you can close the topic since you posted it?

Also I recategorized this one to the feedback category, just for neatness

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Thank you! I am getting a better idea about how this Forum can work for us.

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